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“Morning Star Children’s Centre is a day care facility for underprivileged children who are infected with HIV/AIDS.
It was born out of deep Christian compassion for the plight our Nation finds itself in due to the escalating HIV/AIDS pandemic currently sweeping through our land. We are committed to restoring hope to the women and children of our region and making a meaningful change to as many families as possible. This we achieve through our optimum care, nutritious meals, appropriate medication, stimulating activities and the love we show to the 140 children attending our 2 Centres.
One aspect of Morning Star’s focus lies in assisting our children's mothers/guardians become self-supportive by way of our job-creation programme, Tshedisanang Women's Sewing Project.”

Tshedisanang Women' s Embroidery/Sewing Project's primary goals are:
  • To provide meaningful and creative activities for the mothers and carers of the children attending Morning Star.
  • To create a support base for women infected/affected by HIV/AIDS so that, as well as providing for and sustaining their families, they can share with one another and work towards living positively with their disease.

Find out more about the latest happenings and events at Morning Star as we strive towards a better life for women and children infected/affected by HIV/AIDS. Our focus, whilst taking care of the day-to-day activities of looking after and treating the children, is also to work towards longer-lasting solutions that will improve the mindset and living conditions of those living in the poorer communities by giving information on HIV/AIDS and equipping them with skills on how to sustain themselves in the future.

Officially opened on 9th October 2006, our Kutlwanong Day Care Centre caters for 40 -45 HIV/AIDS children living in Kutlwanong Township.

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